Gasthof Gyrenbad

  • Gasthof Gyrenbad, Turbenthal
    Gasthof Gyrenbad
  • Gasthof Gyrenbad, Turbenthal
  • Gasthof Gyrenbad, Turbenthal
  • Gasthof Gyrenbad, Turbenthal
  • Gasthof Gyrenbad, Turbenthal
    Historic Zimmer
  • Gasthof Gyrenbad, Turbenthal
  • Gasthof Gyrenbad, Turbenthal
    Terrasse bei Saal
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A real gem in the country. With its intimate atmosphere, regional cuisine, cozy restaurant, charming garden and historic walls, Gyrenbad is one of the most original and lovely country inns far and wide.

Known as the "Gyrenbad" since the 17th century, this is one of the most beautiful original country inns in Switzerland, which lies above the village of Turbenthal. This inn, which is situated in an idyllic landscape, is run by the Kunz family with love and a mind for culture. Its historic walls hide a highly successful combination of modern comfort and gastronomic delights. You can enjoy a refreshing night's sleep in one of the seven rooms.

Geschichte Gasthof Gyrenbad

History since 1464

The spa resort began its operations in this quiet spot in Zurich Oberland in the course of the 15th century; Gyrenbad is first mentioned in 1464. The oldest bathing rules date back to 1602. At the time, its best customers came from urban bourgeois society. In the 1620s owner Ulrich Bosshard built today's main building in the half-timbered style; but even at that time, the property already consisted of several buildings. In 1777, Zurich vicar Johann Rudolf Schinz (1745-1790) described Gyrenbad as having 54 bath boxes with room enough for 84 people. In the early 19th century, the resort received a more touristic touch: in 1826, a west wing was added with guest rooms and a bathhouse for water and whey cures, which were offered until 1968. In 1844, the canton redid the road to Gyren­bad; at the same time the innkeeper had the east wing with panorama terrace in the front added. This included a large dining room and public rooms such as the elegant ladies' lounge, which is still in original condition, and guest rooms upstairs. The garden floor led into a kind of park where the exotic trees lent a touch of romanticism and offered a popular place to stroll. Gyrenbad's furnishings are a testimony to the lively Belle Époque spirit which the brochures of the time promised to potential guests. When spa operations ended, the Kunz family worked out an extensive renovation plan which has been realized in stages since 1990 with support of the office for preservation of historic buildings and monuments. The restaurant, dining room and ladies' lounge, terrace and garden park have largely stayed true to their traditional forms, historical furnishings demonstrate the Gasthof's hospitable past, and on the outside, too, Gyrenbad has preserved its external, familiar face despite extensive renovations. In 1997, the Gasthof Gyrenbad was ­Icomos Switzerland's first-ever Historic Hotel of the Year. The former Kurhaus has been a member of Swiss Historic Hotels since 2005. (RF)

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