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  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
    Hotel Waldhaus Sommer
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
    Hotel Waldhaus Herbst
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
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  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
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  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
  • Hotel Waldhaus, Sils/Segl Maria
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Taking history into the future: owned and operated by the same family since 1908. Grand, but friendly and relaxed - peaceful, family-oriented, intimate.

Splendid views of gleaming lakes and impressive mountains: the Waldhaus Sils sits above peaceful Sils Maria like a fairy-tale castle. Family owned and managed for five generations, it still radiates the grandeur of an earlier age. An architectural landmark with a proud history, five-star ranking, 140 rooms, 230 beds and a staff of 145, this is the very idea of a grand hotel. The Waldhaus is grand, but also playful and relaxed! Vibrantly alive and comfortably old-fashioned behind the imposing facade; determined by the diverse people and generations who have relaxed and worked here.

Geschichte Hotel Waldhaus

History since 1908

The Waldhaus in Sils Maria was built in 1908, an imposing hotel-castle in the forest above the village. The experienced hoteliers Josef and Amalie Giger-Nigg found an attentive planner and site manager in the person of the young, energetic architect Karl Koller (1873-1946). With meticulous care and vast expertise, the builder-owners and the architect jointly decided on everything, down to the last detail, from the splendid hillside location to the optimal floor plans to the size and form of the silverware. What they wanted was no forbidding fortress, but a place to linger and enjoy, a hotel on an incomparable site in the midst of the protected Engadine lake landscape and with a breathtaking view of the Sils plain. The Waldhaus is one of the few Swiss five-star hotels to have stayed in the same family since it was opened. This family has succeeded in maintaining the hotel, protecting its historic structures even during difficult times. By accepting and adhering to its original values, the Waldhaus has remained exceptionally authentic to this day. Its external appearance largely reflects the original structure as does its interior with a striking concentration of original furnishings in both the public and the guest rooms. A high point is the impressive staircase with a wrought-iron chandelier. In more recent times, several additions of high architectural quality have been incorporated, such as the indoor pool (1970) by architect Otto Glaus. The most recent contemporary interventions by the architects Miller & Maranta in the entrance area and in the public rooms and by ­Armando Ruinelli in the guest rooms perfectly complement the historic structure. Icomos named the Waldhaus Historic Hotel of the Year 2005 in recognition of its exceptional decades-long commitment. The Waldhaus was a founding member of Swiss Historic Hotels in 2004. (RF)

Claudio Dietrich & Patrick Dietrich
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  • Claudio Dietrich & Patrick Dietrich
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    Historic hotel of the year 2005
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